The fragrances of the sea and the land of Sicily have been found since 1979 in the traditional cuisine of the La Griglia Restaurant. In a splendid location in the heart of Corso Umberto, picturesque and extremely romantic, with a view overlooking the ancient Roman Naumachie, a cuisine that combines tradition with a touch of creativity from thirty years of experience in the catering field.

The La Griglia Restaurant has a cuisine that is attentive to all novelties in catering from around the world, it combines tradition and renewal reviewing recipes and presenting unusual combinations in a successful blend, both fresh and genuine. The main features of our cuisine are the genuine and natural ingredients and the care we take over selecting our products. Highlighting the fragrances of the land of Siciliy, such as basil, mint, jasmine, fennel and rosemary go perfectly with the dishes we prepare. Our Nettle Risotto was also mentioned in Gente Viaggi magazine in the past years.

The celebration of their pure essence and the symphony of Sicilian tastes and flavours enhance and improve each other. The La Griglia Restaurant offers traditional Sicilian dishes such as spaghetti with squid ink or Saury Fagotti. The blend of simple, traditional recipes and healthy ingredients obtained ensures that you enjoy original dishes that can only be found in this corner of paradise. Bread from Castelmola, salame from Sant’Angelo, traditional local cheeses, such as Ragusani, provole cheese and ricotta infornata which also accompany some first courses or locally made fresh cheeses.

A favourite in our cuisine is oily fish, fresh and in season, caught in the sea between Acitrezza and Letojanni. This catch, delivered to us every day by trusted suppliers for thirty years, exclusively local has an incomparable taste. According to the day, you can find from sardines to rare fish and lobsters to guarantee their freshness. This taste, unique in itself, is further enhanced by the way it is cooked, which follows the rules of an ancient and refined culinary tradition with local fragrances and products, such as Pachino cherry tomatoes and Bronte Pistacchios.

The recipes we prepare have a body and soul, they must be capable of revealing a story to the taste buds and imagination. The dishes we offer appeal primarily due to their freshness and also because of the symmetry of their ingredients. The balance of these factors upsets their tone for a moment, to then blend into a new taste that fascinated even the Japanese magazine Figarò. Our outstanding courses include pasta with bonito and wild fennel or with swordfish ragù and egg plant or prawn risotto and pumpkin flowers, lobster risotto, roast kid with Pachino potatoes and onions with herbs, the Filet of sea bream on cream of carrots and cherry tomatoes and the numerous fresh fish specialties offered, from anchovies to sauries to sabre fish or swordfish rolls.